HDR Photography and More by Dave DiCello

Congrats to Sid, Fleury and Canada!

~Sid before the Detroit game last January

So I know that I may be a bit late on this, but I felt compelled to comment.  We all know by now that Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal for Canada as they completed their gold medal run witha  3-2 overtime victory against the US on Sunday.  And I have been hearing a lot of negativity around Sid in the past few days.  Seeing as I live in Pittsburgh, this bothers me.  Now, I don’t want seem like I am un-American.  I was very vehemently rooting for the US, jumping on top of my couch and screaming when Parise tied it up with some 24 seconds left.  I wish they would have won.  But the fact that they didn’t, and it was because of Sid, doesn’t really bother me.  In fact it makes me happy.

Had I felt this way if any other Penguin would have won it?  Maybe.  I would have loved to see Geno win the gold, but I would have hated to see Ovechkin win it.  It comes down to this.  Sid is a champion, a class act, and the captain who brough the Stanley Cup back to my hometown, Pittsburgh.  He is having the best season of his life so far at 42 goals, he was the youngest captain in the history of the NHL, and the youngest captain to win a Cup.  If you are from Philly, New York, Detroit, Washington, sure hate Sid, I don’t care.  We beat all of you in the last 2 years in the playoffs (Philly twice).  But if you are from Pittsburgh, and cheer and scream and root for Sidney Crosby every day, and defend him against all those fans from those other cities, don’t say you are upset at him for beating the US. 

In my mind, he deserves it.  And the bottom line is, he earned it.

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