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City of Champions…and lights!

Ok, I know that it’s been a long time since I posted anything on here, but I am really serious about starting to update my blog more regularly!  I just need to sit down and commit to doing it!  Hope you enjoy today’s installment

So one of the best parts of being a photographer in Pittsburgh is being able to capture the city at night.  No matter what way you look at it, the city is always shining and beautiful, whether you are downtown, on the North Side or on Mount Washington, which is one thing that makes Pittsburgh so unique.  A lot of city have high vantage points or elevated areas where you can get a great wide angle shot of the city; however a lot of them are downtown, inside the actual city.  We have an area where we can see the entire city in one frame!  Pittsburgh is the perfect combination of being not a huge city and being big enough where when you see it from Mount Washington it is awe inspiring.  Below are a couple shots that represent that!


Like I said though, you don’t have to be on Mt. Washington to get a great shot of the city.  Sometimes being right in the middle of downtown is the best place to be!  The Steel Building at the heart of the city provides an amazing night scene, with vibrant colors and so much to see!

Right down the road there is the Renaissance Hotel, which has a unique design in that the center of the hotel is hollow.  They shine bluish lights in the center, which contrast beautifully with the warm red tones of the building!  This place was made for being photographer at night!


Then of course there is the South Side, more specifically down in South Side Works.  There are so many restaurants and stores, including, but not limited to the Cheesecake Factory, Hofbrauhaus, a movie theatre, McCormick and Schmick’s among others.  At Christmas time they put a huge tree right in the middle where there are usually fountains, and it just radiates energy and light!


And of course who could forget our beloved Mellon Arena?  She won’t be standing for too much longer, as the new Consol Energy Center opens in a few months, but the memories that took place there will never be forgotten!  The view from above the arena with the city in the background is truly a sight to behold.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the little stroll through the city at night.  Feel free to check out my other night shots on my flickr site!