HDR Photography and More by Dave DiCello

On the right track…

Well, finally posting again!  I mean, how many times can I say that I will be posting more but never do?  I think that I am finally on the right track though.  I signed up and created a site on zenfolio to start selling my work there.  it has been a great experience (just one day so far!) but I am really happy with how the site works and looks.  If you have a second, stop on over and check it out!

I’m going to be doing a few feature posts in the next few weeks.  I’d like to get a gallery up of both shots from Jamaica as well as our recent trip to New York.  For now though, we’ll stick with this shot of a trolley station in Dormont.  I took this last week while waiting for the trolley to come to whisk me downtown for the Penguins game (maybe I should have just stayed home, as they blew a 2 goal lead with 3 minutes left).  It was nice to shoot with the 50mm 1.4, as I’ve developed WAA or Wide Angle Addiction since I got my new camera.  I was trying to wait for a train to come to get some bokehed lights, but no such luck.

Anyways, this is me, back on the wagon again!  Let’s see if I can keep the ball rolling!

Take care guys (and gals)!


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