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Bokeh with a chance of a Fleury

For those of you who live in Pittsburgh, the title to today’s post is one of many times we’ve heard (insert hockey term/any other noun here) with a chance of Fleury.  And for that I apologize.  However, I have never used it anywhere on my blog, or I don’t think ever in my life, so I feel we are all entitled to one use.  I also understand that there may be some non hockey folks who read this blog, so I should at least tell you that Mar Andre Fleury is the goalie for the Pittsburgh Penguins, and a guy with a last name as cold as Fleury couldn’t have ended up on a better team than the Penguins.  One more thing to explain to any non photography readers out there.  Bokeh describes the appearance of the out of focus areas of a photograph.  All those little circles you see in the back of pictures, in the out of focus areas?  Yep, bokeh.  It’s a result of using a shallow depth of field that comes from the maximum aperture (or smallest f stop) on a camera.  Ok.  Enough of that.  On to the post.

Like I’ve said in prior posts, I usually like to post pictures from the Pens game that I was at the night before.  Well, there was a Penguin game last night, but it was not in Pittsburgh.  In fact, it was Denver, and while I’m sure that I could have been there, taken this picture, flown home and started writing this in the time since the game ended, I’m not sure I’d be so much writing now as I would be sleeping on my desk.  Since I am awake at my deks, we must assume that I didn’t go the game, and I took this shot at last Thursday’s game in the ‘Burgh.  I did feel compelled to post a picture of our great goaltender Marc Andre Fleury as he was spectacular last night in net for the Pens.  As you may or may not know, the Pens have been decimated by injuries this year, with the list of players currently out:  Sidney Crosby (concussin), Evgeni Malkin (knee), Mark Letestu (knee), Eric Godard (suspended), Matt Cooke (suspended), Chris Kunitz (lower body), Eric Tangradi (concussion), Dustin Jeffrey (lower body), Arron Asham (lower body) and Mike Comrie (hip).  This includes a league MVP (Sid), Rookie of the year (Sid), scoring champ (Malkin), playoff MVP (Malkin), top goal scorer (Sid) and Stanley Cup champion (all but Jeffrey, Tangradi and Letestu).  It’s been a tough road the past few games, as we had lost four of our last five.  But last night Fleury showed up big time, making big save after big save to keep us in the game, killing off power plays and giving us the chance to take the game into overtime.  With time winding down both in the overtime period and on the power play for the Pens, Tyler Kennedy ripped a rebound past Peter Budaj (pronounced Boo-die…a bit weird, but a cool name none the less) for the game winner.  3-2 Pens win.

While there is bokeh in the Fleury shot, that’s not the bokeh I was referring to in the title  I mentioned yesterday that I was trying to step out of my element a bit more in terms of photography and not just post wide angle cityscapes and sunflares.  Today is another attempt to do that.  Staying strong today with the 50mm 1.4 (there’s that large aperture that allows for that big bokeh), I was out and about before a Pens game a few weeks back and happened upon this railing with some people walking towards me and some cars in the background.  Dialed it down to the 1.4 aperture, crouched down low, waited for the people to get a bit closer and snapped away.  I was going for a bit more of an abstract feel here, and I thought it was an added bonus that you can see the reflection of the path and where it meets the grass in the reflection.

Just because it’s not an HDR doesn’t mean that I didn’t process it.  I don’t think that I’ve posted an unprocessed picture to flickr in years.  Literally years.  More than two for sure.  Seeing as this just over my second year on flickr, that tells you how much I love to process pictures.  Opened in Camera RAW, moved the clarity way up, decreased the saturation and increased the vibrance and contrast.  Kicked it over the Color Efex where it got a Low Key Filter and a Pro Contrast Filter to get rid of the color cast that I didn’t like.  Enhanced the red lights in the background and added a bit of a vignette.  That’s all she wrote.

And that’s all I’m going to write today.  I’ll be back tomorrow though, for those of your who were worrying.

P.S. – Yesterday’s beer?  Guiness.