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Follow the rules

I was looking back through some of my recent posts over the weekend and saw that a few times a couple weeks ago I said that I was just going to do a quick post and run and ended up rambling on for a page or so.  Well, today is a true post and post, I’m still feeling a bit under the weather and have had a crazy start to the week already.  Is it Friday yet?  Still Monday.  Huh.  Well that’s no good.

More Carrie Furnace today.  I mean, you talk about a place made for HDR, look no further than the old blast furnace along with Mon River in Homestead.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never been to a place like that before that was so appealing to me, but every time I open up iPhoto to pick out some more picture to process I just keep seeing different angles that I want to shoot it from next time I am there.  Today we have a view shots from the same room (understatement of the day).  The first is a list of safety instructions that workers were to follow accompanied by a huge Steelers logo.  Now, It was a bit creepy looking at this area, because, as Kurt on my flickr page pointed out, at one point there was someone standing up on that staircase, giving instructions to the workers who were all looking up towards this sign.  Now…emptiness.  Kinda eerie.

The second shot is from the view of the of the person who would have been giving those instructions.  This shot is equally as eerie, because 30 years ago from this view we would have seen huge equipment, people running around working, smoke, heat…but again, now…emptiness.

Both of these shots were processed with HDR Efex under the “Crisp” Method, which is fast becoming one of my favorites.  For the one with the Steeler logo, I did selective coloring on the reds and blue to help the graffiti and the diamonds in the logo stand out.  There also was a hazy green color cast over the shot, so I did selective coloring to desaturate all the greens, since I didn’t really need them in the shot.  I also enhanced the blues and red in the second shot to make the tags on the wall stand out, as well as mask in the windows and the door opening on the far side of the building, since they were a bit blown out.

Speaking of blown out, that’s what happened to the Pens on Friday.  Let’s hope tonight yields a better result.  Let’s go Pens.