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Turning the page

Even though it is so bitterly cold out still, we have eight inches of snow on the ground and more wicked weather seems to be coming, we are certainly drawing closer to the end of winter.  Spring is almost here, flowers will bloom, jackets will go in the closet, windows rolled down, baseball season starts and everything seems to come alive again.  To me, THIS is the time to make your New Year’s resolutions (you did make them, right?)  I realize that we just had New Year’s last month, but it’s difficult to distinguish one year from the next in the middle of winter, especially when winters here in Pennsylvania last from November until March.  But when the seasons change, and new life is breathed into everything around us, it seems like an appropriate time to make those changes in yourself as well.

Now I’m not saying you have to make resolutions.  Especially since they are so difficult to keep.  It’s not that we make way over the top, unachievable goals that we want to reach in the new year.  For me, and I don’t want to speak for everyone, they just kind of get forgotten about, unless you make a conscience effort to drive towards them.  I read an article (and I can’t remember where now) that said that if we share our resolutions and goals that we are less likely to achieve them.  I think I agree with this (I think).  At a previous employer, we had to write goals out, read them in front of the office, hang them on our wall and review them every two weeks.  That’s a lot of pressure to achieve them, and it’s not the kind of pressure that really motivates you.  It’s the kind that says, “Wow, everyone knows what I have to achieve, and if I don’t, I’ll look bad to everyone”, which has the potential to put you in a bit of desperation mode.  Keeping them to yourself can give you that self empowering, self motivating attitude that can get you to where you want to be and achieve what you want to achieve.  So I look at spring to a fresh start to the year, a time to take one more look at those New Year’s resolutions and make them happen.  I know I will.

Today’s post is my last from the New York Public Library.  I couldn’t go there and not get a shot from the one of the reading rooms.  This is the Rose Reading Room, and I wish I could have gotten more pictures of it, but my wife was a little embarrassed at how loud the five exposures were, so I just got this one shot and moved on.  I will say that they did kind of echo throughout the room, and you can see the look I got from someone on the left side of the screen.  This shot is one reason I love HDR.  You are able to see the outside skyline as well as all the intricate details in the ceiling.

The processing wasn’t too difficult, just a bit time consuming.  Like I said, it is a five exposure handheld HDR processed in HDR Efex.  I obviously had to mask in all the people, the lights because they were a bit blown out, as well as outside the windows.  For the outside, I opened up the -2 exposure, recovered the highlights, reduced the exposure, and then masked in just the windows.  Boosted the color a bit to make the blue pop.  No Color Efex to this one, just added a High Pass Sharpening filter to it.  I think that this is my favorite of the library series.

Pens are playing the Sharks tonight, and we will see the Penguins debut of James Neal and Matt Niskanen.  I’ll be there cheering them on.  Let’s Go Pens.